Ketchikan Vacation Rental

Imagine soaking in this outdoor hot tub after a long day of boating around Knudson Cove, Clover Pass and Beam Canal!

Ketchikan Alaska Vacation Rental with Hot Tub
Sit back, relax and enjoy the view of Clover Pass and Knudson Cove
Knudson Cove Marina
Knudson Cove Marina as viewed from the private pier at The Knudson Cove Inn
Ketchikan Alaska Vacation Rental
Southeast Exposure and Chinook Shores Lodge as viewed from the Pier 25 Boathouse at the Knudson Cove Inn

For more information about boat rentals with waterfront accommodations in Ketchikan, Alaska designed for independent travelers or small, 2-person group, contact Nadra Angerman at Chinook Shores Lodge.

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